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All information contained on my pages may be copied and re-used gladly, as long as this occurs free of charge and contents are not changed. However I ask for a short preferably previous message and a reference to me as the author (a clear specification of the source of quotation e.g. with a link to the original).
Every other form of the use, in particular the selling on CD-ROMs or in other publications, altogether or in sections, is admissible only after previous written agreement by me.
If I somewhere hurt the copyright of another person or institution on my pages, if somebody in any other manner feels hurt or attacked by my pages or you noticed errors or incompletenesses , then I may insure you that it occurred without intention. Please indicate these errors to me and I will immediately provide (find) remedy.
I have not checked the pages which link to my internet pages and am not responsible for the contents of other pages (links to other sites - characterized by underlining), which link to my Internet pages or to which I link. Likewise it behaves with the pages, which copied information from my pages. Also for these pages I am not responsible in any way.
Additionally links (hyper+link) or other connection of one of my Internet pages to another Internet page mean not that I endorse or accept contents of this page or still that I carry any responsibility for contents or the use of this page. It is to be guaranteed the user responsibility that each selected contents are free from viruses or the like.
The information on my pages is arranged without guarantee - I strive to hold it on the newest status yet it can be that information becomes outdated, incomplete or false. In particular I do not take over adhesion for indirect or directly caused damage.
If you have suggestions, comments or notes you can send from here an Email <> to me.

©2003 halinco - Dr Hans - Jürgen Lindemann -
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All rights reserved


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